Economy Tyres

There are more brands of economy tyres on the market today than you can shake a stick at!

They come from all over the world although most are made in China.

Budget/economy tyres play a big part in the UK tyre market probably helped along by the last few years of austerity and people tightening their belts when it comes to spending money and let’s face it, not many people enjoy buying tyres. It can be a distressed purchase, even though your tyres are the only thing between you and the road! Today’s budget tyres are perfectly safe but we need to remember that they are made to a budget which is why they are "budget" tyres.


Economy Tyres

How Will Economy Tyres Affect My Vehicle?

Well, in our experience, budget tyres are absolutely fine to fit in most circumstances but don’t expect the same performance from a budget tyre as you can expect from a Premium tyre.

The feedback that we have had from our customers over the years and the results that we have seen tells us that budget tyres will not last as long or grip as well as Premium brand tyres. Longevity & grip are the two main concerns for motorists and of course the importance of these concerns can depend on your individual tyre needs i.e. type of car, low/high car usage, your driving style etc. Other concerns include driver comfort, noise and the overall fuel economy of your car which can be greatly influenced by the tyres that you buy.

The tyre industry in general is price driven and especially the Budget/Economy tyre market. In response to this we aim to source the best quality budget tyres at the best prices available at the time so that we can pass the best Budget/Economy tyre options on to our customers.

For information or prices on other makes & quality ranges of tyre please get in touch.